Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Delusions vs. Daydreams

The other day my husband asked me why I call this site Self Delusions and I told him it was because it sounded more interesting than Daydreams. After all, people who have delusions of being important use important sounding words. The same day I logged onto the Internet as was greeted by the following quote:

"Nothing causes self-delusion quite so readily as power."
Liu Binyan

Truth is I really don't have much power so that couldn't be the cause of my delusions or daydreams. After doing a bit more searching I found this quote which is closer to my situation:

"Delusions may be the only things which render life tolerable, and, as such, are jealously defended against all the assaults of reason."
Anthony Storr

My most jealously defended delusion is that something I have to say may be helpful to another human being. I've always thought this was proof that I am genuinely a good person. While listening to a radio program, I learned that many altruistic actions are really quite selfish. Perhaps the person doesn't want to feel guilty or wants others to see them as a good person. I think I fall into both categories. So, now I wonder if anyone does anything for unselfish reasons? Maybe we are all self-delusional?

Truth is I have thought about writing a book (or books) for years now. My thoughts have bounced around several topics. However, this small venture into writing a blog didn't start until one day I read the following quote:

"We can think a thought to death but only when we move upon the thought do we bless human lives."
Thomas S. Monson

Suddenly, I was feeling guilty that someone out there in that great big world needed my wisdom and I was selfishly keeping it to myself out of pure laziness!

Let the delusions continue!

**UPDATE 8-6-2014 - I now have a different and not very positive opinion about Thomas S. Monson who is the current president of the LDS religion.  Once I found the LDS religion to be based upon a fraud, I tend to consider the higher-up leaders to be nothing more than very successful con-artists.


Zhu said...

By looking into delusion you might find there's actually hope ;)

I don't think people are quite selfsih. They might seem so, but deep down they can help each other. Now I'm the dreamer !

sandpaper said...

Good thinking

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NAZEER V S said...

pls provide a link for easy access...

Angel of Delusion said...

Zhu: May both our dreams come true! I enjoyed visiting your site as well.

nazeer v s: Thanks for letting me know about the link in the Blogger discussion board. I replied and provided a link.

sandpaper: thanks!