Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Evening

Amorphous sinking dread
Sad resignation
Sunday anticipation of Monday morning
Overwhelming volumes
High expectations
Bills to pay, family to feed
Motivation to start another week


Zhu said...

Oh God, I feel exactly like that every Sunday!

Sunday is always a gloomy day for me. I used to think it was because in France, all the shops are closed and the city looks dead. But in Canada, everything is open and I still feel the same!

Angel of Delusion said...

Zhu: I used to think that if I loved my job, I wouldn't dread it but the reality is no job is perfect so you can only love part of it. The other part you dread. How much you dread Monday morning is an indication of how imperfect your job is for you.

Right now my job is very imperfect for me. Imagine a very logical person stuck in a room full of people who think common sense is a vanilla scented candle.