Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just for Fun

Look, I'm actually posting twice in one week!! This is an accomplishment for me because I have been so busy. There are two reasons I'm posting unexpectedly.

First, I have gotten a few comments on my last post from my blogger friends. I just wanted to let everyone know that you don't need to feel bad about the Lyric Contest. The fun thing about blogging is that you can try something new out. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it doesn't. It's all good, because this is how we learn to be better bloggers and better people too!

So, now for the second reason. I'm nearing the end of this do or die project at work and for the first time in 6 weeks I haven't had to work overtime for two days in a row. The web application that I built from scratch in 6 weeks (I'm very proud of myself), has been approved to be released!! With that obstacle behind me, this little picture that I received from a friend is all the more appropriate!

Today, I was also admiring Zhu's new blog and thinking that my blog could use some work. Ever hear the adage that the shoe makers children never have shoes? Well, it applies to programmers too. The stuff I build for myself is never as nice as the stuff I do at work. I'm too tired by the time I get home!! Anyway, Zhu's blog is looking beutiful as always!

1 comment:

Zhu said...

Eh, thanks ! I appreciate even more the compliment since I now know your background... ;)

Your work is fascinating for me. Designing web application from scratch... wow !

If you feel like building your blog from scratch, I'd advise you to go on WP. Blogger is nice but you're pretty limited after a while... Anyway, I'm glad I did it, I learned a lot !